Cosmic Adventures

The Dragon King and the Lama

Practice detachment voluntarily. Do not get attached to people, possessions, and philosophies. It all is fleeting. Voluntary detachment leads to an abundance of all you desire. But the first step is to let go of the desires.

Does Hitler deserve forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the only way to attain inner peace. Forgiving misdeeds strengthens your resolve to make our world a better place.

On Boundaries

Don’t create walls around you. Isolation kills your will to live. Embrace all with love and compassion.

Yes, you too can beat aging. Here’s how!

Life is precious, not just for us humans but for every living organism with a beating heart and inanimate objects crafted with love by the creators. You must add something to the world you came in. I would suggest you add value, add beauty, add art, add philosophy, add inventions. Catapult your civilization towards a golden era. You have this one life given to you. It is a must you make the most out of it. Those who think life is misery blended with tons of suffering, at least live long enough to watch those space colonies and bully your grandkids. Least you could do!


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About Me

HI. I’M NISHANT. I have performed countless roles in my life. I have been an employee and an employer, a victim and a perpetrator, an addict and a counselor. I have been abused and I have abused.

Being on both sides of the spectrum gives you a unique outlook. If you have been both awful and fantastic, you know how to walk the fire. And what matters most is how well you walk the fire! (as Buk said)

I practiced nihilism in the past, and now I lead a fulfilling life with the purpose of serving others.

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