These 8 Brilliant Quotes Can Transform Your Life

GoodMorning Planet,

Hope you are doing well!

Today, I present to you 8 timeless quotes that are genuinely profound, capable of positively transforming your life for better. Irrespective of the experiences you have encountered so far in your life, whether you are in a good place or bad, understanding these quotes followed by implementing the necessary changes will definitely give you a better fighting chance in this cut-throat worldly premises we exist in. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Quotes are tiny packets of wisdom. Unlike wordy articles, blogs, or books, quotes bombard you with heavy doses of enlightenment in as little words as possible. However, there’s a catch involved. Despite being acutely simple, not everyone can comprehend the profound meaning overflowing from 5-6 words pearled thoughtfully, held together by centuries of wisdom.

Had that not been the case, all of us would have been honest and resourceful as the first few quotes we encounter in our early life are:

  1.  Honesty is the best policy. 
  2. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

These two most straightforward quotes encompass all the wisdom one needs to possess to achieve greatness. Yet, we barely pay attention to such basics. 

Had the case been different, each of us would have only spoken the truth and uncomplicated our messy lives. Every individual would have easily solved all of their personal problems and moved on to pressing collective concerns of the human race.

There’s a profound lack of comprehension in today’s times.

The term “cliche” was barely used before 1970. Beyond that, it became an easy escape for individuals lacking will or high on self-loathing. 

Whenever you present a simple novel idea which is groundbreaking, it will be disregarded by feeble men and women as a cliche. The only reason is their fear of committing to anything which demands bravery.

If you are depressed and you go for a morning run – its brave!

You need courage to have a sensible conversation.

You must display strength to take an initiative.

Modern society has dulled our senses with heavy doses of violence, hatred, nudity, and cheap thrills, manufacturing a generation of gutless women and emasculated men.

When you share wisdom with a failed generation, they are either speculating the size of your penis or drooling over your cleavage. They cannot see beyond base desires. Any activity which requires effort and doesn’t offer immediate gratification is a cliche for them. Glad, I don’t write for them, I write for myself and you.

Okay, so now that this is out of the way, here we go!

1. Find What You Love and Let It Kill You – Our first pick of the day is a marvel coined by Charles Bukowski. Bukowski has generated a cult following in the last decade. 

Someone with an extremely notorious past, Bukowski, was infamous for his drinking and whoring. Yet, this man toiled his ass off every day in a fucking post office, working for pennies only to come home to his mistress – a vintage typewriter, on which he made 10 pages of love before passing out. 

Anything pouring out of such a soulful individual is gold, as is this quote!

Bukowski isn’t asking you to die drinking if you love alcohol. He isn’t making a case for meth and coke addicts. 

He’s talking about passion. 

The passion which went out of the window when you decided to waste precious hours on social media. 

The passion which was stolen by a mediocre society. 

The desire which was blanketed by failed parents. 

That’s the passion you need to find.

Find your love and bleed for it.

Do you love playing the guitar? Well, if that’s the case, then your fingers should be sore each evening.

Do you enjoy writing? Make sure your keyboards are wobbly due to a million keystrokes pounding on it every day.

If you enjoy singing, your throat should be sore before you stop practicing.

Nothing comes easy, my friends!

Nothing comes easy!

If you want to make things happen, the gods demand sacrifices.

Sacrifice your pleasures.

Let go of comfort. 

Be an odd-ball.

Bleed for your dream.

Die for your ambition.

Find what you love and let it kill you.

2. The show must go on! – An anonymous gifted genius blessed us with this quote.

For me, this works in conjunction with Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage.”

All the world’s a stage, and the show must go on!

That’s the way I like it.

Are you having a bad day? Well, nobody truly gives a fuck. And they shouldn’t either. They have paid to see a show. You must provide them with a show.

Your employer can demand your presence even when you are unwell. He bought the ticket for your show. Either you can be hateful or comply. It’s upon you!

Being hateful or acting as a rebel is depriving your boss of the show you signed up for. It won’t be wise. Pick up all of your broken pieces, jump start your dying soul, and get to work. The show must go on!

You have hungry kids at home, a bickering wife, your excuse that you are depressed won’t work for you. 

Whether you are knee-deep in grief or just tired as fuck, the kids need a show. 

You have brought them in the theatre, now is the time to dazzle them. 

You can’t escape from responsibilities. The show must go on.

The show is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The show will give you rise or bleed you dry. The show will attract more or none. The show will be a huge hit or a drowning failure. Whatever be the case, the show must go on!

Remember folks, there’s a lot of rush for your show, don’t disappoint the audience. It is your responsibility to present a dazzling, entertaining, exciting, inspiring, charming, fucked up, terribly sad, yet powerful SHOW!

3. Go all the way, or don’t even start – Another wonder from Bukowski!

Hey, I am not biased. Yes, I am in love with this guy, but that’s not the reason he features so frequently. He did offer thunderous quotes. That was kind of his thing.

So, a fattie goes to the gym for a month, he works hard as per his standard, what happens after a month? 

Well, he’s still fat. 

He will continue being fat for at least six months before he witnesses any credible signs of weight loss. But our dear fat friend is a product of a 2-minute society.

These people want results in 2 minutes. Else they will give up.

They go to the gym.

Day1 – There’s this awesome selfie with tons of belly fat and disgusting man boobs. The caption says –  I can, I will!

A month later, there’s nothing to show for. So, what’s the point! 

My question is, why start?

Go all the way, or don’t even start!

Countless individuals begin. Our culture has a great appreciation for the beginning. Every social media guru or influencer will ask you to do what you want, live your dreams. 

Well, that’s fractured advice. It isn’t whole. 

Beginnings are shit if you lack consistency.

Consistency is the only agent that makes shit happen.

You want to make something happen, you do it every day. 

You invest every ounce of your energy in achieving your goal.

Or, what’s the point? 

Why waste time on something which you might give up a month, a year or a few years later.

Go all the way, or don’t even start.

4. The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places – This gem is a by-product of an extremely troubled genius Ernest Hemmingway. 

Hemmingway is a legend. 

He shot himself. 

The amount of pain wrenching in his gut stole the better of him. Yet, what he achieved in one lifetime, millions of us collectively can’t in several lifetimes.

The world is a tough place. No one owes you anything. You are all by yourself!

Every experience makes you wiser. 

Failures pave the way for winning strategies. 

Tragedies prepare you to deal with tough days. 

Mistakes amount to limitless potential. 

Life will break you in unimaginable ways. 

Still, you have the mettle to emerge a winner.

Learn from your mistakes. 

Own your failures.

Embrace your misery.

Get better.

Get tougher.

Beat the shit out of life!

Remember, you must be broken before you can restructure the genius within.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t let heartbreaks fill you with resentment. Don’t allow poverty to be a hurdle in your path to greatness. 

You had a broken home, a drunkard dad, an overprotective mother, scoundrel siblings, exploitative bosses. It’s alright. Consider yourself blessed. 

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Let the world break you.

Let them burn you alive.

Rise from the ashes.

Remember, The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

5. Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky weaved this mighty word garland. Once upon a time, there was an exceptional writer called Dostoyevsky. And that’s all I have to say about him. No one ever was or will be able to even wander near the literary benchmark set by Dostoyevsky. The guy was an unadulterated genius. 

No one has ever described human suffering and misery in such an appealing manner. Dostoyevsky didn’t write stories. He handcrafted experiences. In my understanding, through this quote, he’s addressing a prevalent victim behavior in human societies. 

To escape responsibilities and avoid holding ourselves accountable, we embrace our misery and start adoring it. We all do that. I, too, have done that in the past.

Romanticizing our suffering makes us feel like an anti-hero. 

The concept of an anti-hero is compelling. 

A hero, despite every adversity, rises above himself and achieves grandeur. An anti-hero, on the other hand, loses everything and falls prey to vices. 

Heroes will always have the right set of habits. They are hard-working, responsible, and see things to the end despite adverse outcomes. An anti-hero has a grand lifestyle. He has money, women, and all the shiny stuff which blinds kids.  

What he lacks is courage.

He will blame the world for his failures while continuing to orchestrate his defeats. He will drink, dope, whore around, and be pitiful. Those who sympathize with anti-heroes are short-sighted. They fall for the glamor, ignoring the devastating outcome such irresponsible behavior attracts.

You could have been exploited as a child. 

Your girlfriend might have cheated on you. 

Your best friend could have stolen your wealth.

Your trusted ones might have backstabbed you.

You can’t allow these or even worse outcomes to romanticize your suffering. 

It is not a desirable state.

Your suffering is supposed to make you stronger and shape you for a brighter future. However, it requires tons of effort from your side. You will need to wipe off your tears and gear for the next awful event.

Being in love with your misery will only make you resentful.

Playing a victim will make you weak.

Being responsible will make you strong.

The choice is yours. Either you can add misery to your suffering or uplift yourself by taking action, you pick!

Remember, Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering. Also remember, such men, go nowhere. They step in the graves, which they have dug carefully for themselves.

6. A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. – The one and only William Shakespeare articulated this piece of wisdom. Shakespeare was way ahead of his time. Things he wrote in the 18th century are still valid and prominent in today’s times, which makes him far-sighted by at least three centuries. 

That’s something, man!

This is an interesting quote. 

Let’s tear it apart.

How many of you think that you are wise? Raise your hands.

Whoa! That’s a lot many hands!

How many of you think you are stupid as fuck? Raise your hands.

Well, I barely see one or two. 


So, we all are under the impression that we are wise fellows. How cool is that!

Now, there is nothing wrong with assuming yourself wise. However, this opinion of yourself needs to be based on empirical evidence. 

How did you reach this conclusion? 

Have you achieved unparalleled milestones? 

Do you have concrete evidence for your brilliance?

Are you Elon Musk?

Are you Jordan Peterson?

Are you Fyodor Dostevoskey?

You must understand that it is effortless to assume that you are wise. 

Someone like Arnab Goswami also thinks he is intelligent. 

Trump thinks he’s a genius, for fuck’s sake!

People can make themselves believe anything without any practical evidence, which is damaging to them and others.

At the same time, when you think you are a fool, that’s a flawed outlook too. 

Even if you have a learning disability, you aren’t a fool. You just take longer than others. Similarly, maybe life has given you a tough run and broke you down. 

You have low self-esteem and no confidence. 

You see around, painted faces, brimming with too much certainty.

That makes you insecure, and you think you are suitable for nothing. 

A complete loser!

A fool!

But that’s not the case. 

No one person can be brilliant in every aspect of life.

If you are good at something, you are awful at other tasks.

I can write a little, but I can barely solve an algebra equation.

I know of inarticulate engineers who can’t even write a few lines for a leave request, yet they have built the most magnificent bridges. 

Wisdom is relative.

Someone who thinks they are wise, have flawed thinking.

You can’t be the smartest in the room.

If you are, then obviously you are in the wrong room. 

If I walk into a room full of government officials, I would be the smartest among them.

But, if I walk into a room full of artists, well, I would be insignificant, non-existent.

Many people constantly reach out to me, asking for life advice. I do my best. I use every possible resource available to me to solve their issues. Yet, my closing statement always is, well, I am not an expert here. I am just a chimpanzee in clothes. That’s all I am.

It is essential to understand that you cannot be the best at anything. Yet, you must strive to be the best at all you do. 

You don’t compare yourself with others.

You are a fool because till yesterday you were stupid. 

You are also wise because your today’s self is wiser than your yesterday’s self.

Every day you are a fool for your future self and a wise individual for your past self.

Nothing else matters.

Don’t compare yourself with others. 

Only compare yourself to your past self.

And, I hear someone at the back yelling, CLICHE!

Well, it seems like this fella is the wisest in the room.

Please leave, buddy!

Go where you belong.

Obviously, you don’t belong here.

And before you leave, A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

7. “The sadness will last forever.” ― Vincent van Gogh


O, Dear vincent!

How did you endure what you went through?

Vincent was one of the most talented and troubled artists this world has ever been blessed with. 

Tears are rolling down my cheeks while I type this. 

No ordinary person could have survived what Vincent experienced daily.

He had bipolar disorder. It’s a terrible disease to bear.

You will experience constant manic highs and lows.

During highs, you will experience supernatural strength and energy.

During lows, you won’t even be able to leave your bed.

Bipolar people are among the highest number of individuals committing suicide.

Vincent, too killed himself as the pain was unbearable.

Yet, he endured it for so long, none of us can.

Everybody rejected his ART.

He was way ahead of his time. 

Nobody could understand his art apart from him.

That must have been extremely frustrating at the time.

Imagine, creating masterpieces that will be admired for centuries to come, yet being stuck in an era with ape-like creatures who cannot even understand a single piece of work you create.

No one knows the name of those people who disregarded Vincent’s art as a child’s fantasy. 

Everyone today knows him.

He never died. He’s still among us. 

Jordan Peterson repeatedly says life is endless suffering.

This is what Vincent expressed in lesser words.

The sadness will last forever. A utopian world filled with happiness doesn’t exist. 

Yes, we will find tiny moments of happiness in our daily lives.

Yes, we will feel proud when we do better at studies.

Yes, we will be delighted when a member of the opposite sex considers us worthy of their affection.

Yes, we will be excited when we provide a better lifestyle for our family.

Seeing a bee on a flower will make us chuckle.

A Persian cat idling around will make us giggle.

A little baby drooling over a lollipop will delight us.

Yes, life is beautiful, and you are smiling.

But, the sadness will never go away.

The sadness will never go away.

8. The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius

This brilliant quote was written by one of the most exceptional people to ever walk on the face of the earth. 

Marcus was a divinely, capable emperor. He took Rome to unmeasurable heights. 

Never before or until today have we witnessed a personality of such caliber. He was one of a kind.

His personal writings referred to as “Meditations,” is one of the most widely read books ever. 

Through this quote, Markus is addressing the narrative which we tell ourselves. 

You broke your hand in an accident, if your first thought is – why did this happen to me? Then, you have lost the battle.

You could look at it differently – Oh, wow! I am alive. Let’s make the most out of it. 

If your partner leaves you and all you can come up with is finding their faults, you won’t gain much. You should introspect to identify what can you improve, rather than blaming the other person by playing the victim card.

If you fail, you can’t let yourself assume it’s an end. You need to treat it as a learning opportunity so that when you retry, you don’t end up making the same set of mistakes. 

Similarly, what you think, you become!

Our thoughts are potent. The way we think determines our actions, which in turn shapes our future.

It is elemental to be in touch with your thoughts, making sure that they are not a mere projection of someone else’s storyline forced into your psyche.

Many times our parents, teachers, friends, loved ones or any one close to us project their own insecurities on to us.

If you plan to quit smoking, your smoker friend might suggest you that it’s impossible and not even worth giving a shot.

If your father was a failed businessman, he might advice you against starting your own business.

If your partner is a petty person, they might stop you from achieving greatness because of their fear of the unknown.

Always be cautious to differentiate between your core thoughts & beliefs and projections of someone else’s insecurity.

Our thoughts are a mere extension of us, and we are a mere extension of our thoughts.  Think carefully, as the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.

So, these were 8 powerful quotes. 

If you don’t rule them out as cliche, these alone can help you be an unparalleled individual. But remember great things take time.

Rome was not built in a day!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

What’s your favorite quote?