Here’s A Glimpse Of A Post-Coronavirus World

Goodmorning Planet,

I am excited. How are you?

Today during my 4 am run, I realized that the dogs don’t bark uselessly anymore. These traumatized animals are experiencing peace for the first time in their lives. We, on the other hand, are witnessing such exciting times for the first time in human history.

These are unprecedented events.

Now, we could have different world-views. You and I might not agree on many levels, however, when it comes to what’s going on around us presently, I desperately want us to be in agreement.

Life has never been this exciting before.

Yes, absolutely, the hunter-gatherers had a lot of fun in their era.

Then we organized ourselves a little and started waging wars. That was something, undoubtedly.

Then somehow, religion crept into the equation. Everyone rushed to different corners of the world, preaching what their lord told them.

Imagine a Viking warrior yelling at an English priest, forcing him to call Jesus to save him. The priest is maintaining his claim that God and his son will definitely come for his rescue before bleeding out on the floor of the church. That must have been a sight worth watching. We missed those days.

There used to be whalers, man! They used to hunt whales for their body fat, which was later converted into fuel for daily use. I, for once, would have loved to hunt a whale, when the period demanded. Now, I will be called a murderer, so I won’t.

Then we chimpanzees started wearing a suit and a tie. It would have been a sight to watch, apes wearing ties! 

How cool is that! 

We pretended to be a little civilized. Established democracy, failed ones, but at least we gave it a shot.

Humanity united for the first time during World War I. Everyone came together to spill blood. That was another remarkable spectacle.

Some of the leaders continued to suffer from unresolved emotions, so they attempted again.

A crazy guy called Hitler set new benchmarks in hatred. His goal being the extermination of Jews. This might get repeated soon as few other stupid leaders are planning the same for Muslims. However, in my opinion, it will take at least 3-5 more years before the current wave of hatred reaches such extreme heights.

World War II must have been exciting. I spent a lot of time speaking to WWII veterans. I used to be employed in a Barclays bank contact center in a past life. A lot many British war veterans used to call, and I used to weave the most stimulating conversations with them. What I found remarkable about them was their undying spirit. They had witnessed the horrors of war, and that made them appreciate life more.

Many people assume that if they live a sheltered life, they will be better off—reality begs to differ. Adversity is what brings the best out in people, not in everyone but at least in those who see clearly.

Every Jew who survived a concentration camp did something extraordinary with their lives. Every POW who survived a Gulag made a name for himself. These people had witnessed tragedies of such proportion that when they integrated themselves into regular life, they were unstoppable. They had already seen the worse. What else would the world do to them? It already tried to kill them. They survived death. Nothing worse is out there for a survivor.

For me, the world ceased to exist after WWII. Nothing exciting happened globally post WWII.

Yes, the Cuban missile crisis happened. It was exciting for Americans and Russians.

Yes, we did visit the Moon too! Okay, that must have been cool.

There were few wars waged just for fun. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – they got tore apart for the amusement of west.

9/11 did change history. And created a new hoax called terrorism!

Just to let you know, more people die in car accidents than terrorist attacks. Also, every terrorist, whether it be the legendary Che or the infamous Laden, all were bi-product of a failed society.

Yes, I agree these events do hold much value, but none of these singular incidents was sufficient to change the course of human history on its own.

And then came 2020 and then something worth telling a story happened.

A virus called COVID-19 made a jump from animals to a human host and thus began the fastest spreading and most deadliest pandemic ever in human history.

Before this is over, millions will be dead. World economies will collapse. The history of humankind, animals, and the planet is going to take a new path – a road never traveled.

Let’s discuss what might the future have in store for us –

Ugly Trends

·  Increased surveillance – For almost a decade, corporations and governments throughout the globe have been conducting secret experiments using our data points to establish more control. They all dreamt of a day like this when we would voluntarily allow to be placed under constant surveillance, and to make the deal sweeter, demand nothing in return. Wow, these tech company CEO’s must be having a boner, every morning since the crisis began. This is pure sex for them.

A naive someone might consider these measures temporary. However, those with even a little understanding of power dynamics and human history would agree that the coming years would see a decline in individual rights and a rapid increase in surveillance and thought control. India is already leading the charts with a maximum number of internet blackouts in democratic countries. For fuck’s sake, Kashmir hasn’t seen proper internet since August 2019. If you think the situation will get better once the pandemic is over, then you are way dumber than you should be. You might want to read a little and come up with a realistic world view.

·  Hate Crimes – When all is good, we dress well and smile. Crisis is when flawed humans reveal their real character. War, riots, flood, famines, earthquakes – these are the times when we give in to our animalist instincts and put humanity at shame. COVID-19 crisis is no different. Consider these three real-life examples –

1.   Chinese citizens being abused and thrown out of Australian supermarkets.

2.   Hate crimes against Muslims in India due to false information propagated in news media labeling Muslims as Corona Jihadis.

3.   Hate Speech against the Chinese not only by American citizens but by President Trump himself.

We will see a spike in hate crimes globally once this is over. Once you have begun to hate, you become a hater. Hatred doesn’t go away easily. People rarely change.

·  Germ-Warfare – We have been fascinated by bio-weapons since we saw the first guinea pig die due to a disease. The colonizing west practiced germ-warfare on Native Indians. The Nazis and the Soviets conducted mass experiments to determine the efficacy of bio-weapons and develop enhanced ammunition for germ-warfare. CIA was no exception, and neither is North Korea.

The warmongers are fascinated by the idea of destroying nations without firing a single shot. This pandemic has renewed their faith. In the next years, we will observe a definite increase in bio-weapons and few instances (whether verified or unverified) of germ warfare by India, China, Russia & America on unsuspecting emerging nations.

These three negative trends are definitely going to catch up rapidly in the post-coronavirus era.

No incident is ever limited to only adverse outcomes. Every catastrophe brings a new ray of hope along with tons of rubble. We have considered the worse, let’s examine the positive trend.

Bright Side

·  Cleaner Planet – Don’t get your hope up, but yes, there is a high possibility that the coming years will see a reduction in us polluting our habitat. Venice is once again beautiful. Thames is cleaner. Ganges is once again pure. The dying tropical forests are reviving. Maybe we would realize that a cleaner habitat is possible now that images are pouring in from all across the globe. For once, perhaps Greta Thunberg would resume her schooling and appear for exams, which she has been avoiding for a very long time. There is a strong possibility also that we won’t learn anything and will continue to ruin the planet. There could be an increase in deforestation and mining, as many nations are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, let’s hope for the best. That’s all we can do!

·  Change in Work Culture – For the first time, businesses are experiencing real innovation—Remote Working could establish itself as a new trend. WFH is not only useful in terms of cost reduction, but it also gives more time at hand to employees to better manage their personal lives. There will also be an increase in demand for new skills. If remote working catches up, many old roles might be scraped and give way to a new range of work roles. Be prepared folks, maybe its time to establish a new product/service which might not have fared well in the past but is most appropriate for post-coronavirus times.

·  Change in Education – Remote learning could be the new future. Now that universities, colleges, and schools have had a taste of online sessions, they might prefer to go full gonzo on the opportunity. If remote learning becomes a success, degrees would be viewed in a different outlook. The ages-old practice of judging people on theoretical knowledge could be chucked to embrace innovation, creativity, and practical approach to problem-solving.

·  Change in Governance – We have already discussed the horrifying impact of the crisis on our rights and freedom, now is the time to explore the positive side of the same. If the authorities improvise the tools being used to combat the current crisis and come up with innovative governance features, this could spark a new era of change. Imagine better healthcare facilities, better monitoring of available resources, better attempts to combat poverty and hunger, all of this is possible if the data generated from the same tools used for monitoring our activities currently is used to create innovative technologic solutions for the benefit of humanity. The possibility of such a miracle is less, but so was women voting rights. All it takes is one crazy individual, willing to walk the mile.

·  Change in Relationships – Adversity brings people together, mostly for good, riots, and mob-lynching being an exception—people who have survived crises together bond well with each other. If you have experienced tough times, it is most likely that you will do well during better circumstances. The people who were there for you in times of need would be a part of your trusted clan for the rest of your life. We might see fewer divorces and heartbreaks in the coming decades. It is also possible that spending so much of forced time together, couples might hate each other more and split the first chance they get, but once again, let’s root for a positive outcome.

Great, so this marks an end to our today’s discussion. We have explored both the positive and negative foreseeable changes. Our role must be to catapult the new world towards a brighter future despite our tendency to destroy everything beautiful around us, including people.

Let’s for a change work together and build a better world for the coming generations. We are fortunate to get this chance. Let’s not waste it because of our folly.

I like the idea of a better world. Hope you do too!

This was it for today, folks!

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely read.

What changes do you foresee in a post-coronavirus world?