How to be the best in everything you do

Good Morning Planet,

Every human being has the potential to achieve greater success and experience everlasting glory. History is filled with ordinary people who shaped the course of civilizations. From inventors like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison to social activists like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – every legend not only got their glory engraved in civilization’s milestones, but also uplifted societies and gave a new direction to the entire humanity. 

In current times, human beings check their phones on an average of 80-100 times every day. Most of them cannot keep their hands away from their digital devices for more than 10 minutes. This is acutely alarming. 

Not only does this behavior steal your attention from the task at hand, but it also steals your energy levels. You set out to create something extraordinary, and by the end of your task – you have a mediocre product/experience. Over time this mediocrity becomes ingrained in your personality, and you compromise your higher self, and slowly your genius fades into oblivion. All you are left with is half-burnt pieces of a masterpiece.

The decline of your being will cease once you have achieved the mediocre status. It isn’t so difficult to compromise with your values, goals, and dreams that lead you to become an AVERAGE JOE. Millions of brilliant minds succumb to the enticing charm of mediocrity. It is so comforting. All you would need to do is wake up, eat a few meals, show up to work, tolerate being insignificant, consume tons of content designed to fulfill your primal urges, and then go back to a sense of limbo. You won’t believe how easy it is to accept this routine.

The alternative is tough beyond imagination.

  • You will have to wake up early. Preferably way early before the world gets up. (Between 4-5 am)
  • You will need to exercise. Fitness is essential for world-class performance. 
  • You must watch what you eat. Healthy food develops a healthy mindset. Goodbye Fries. Tata Icecream. No more Cookies. (Damn, this sounds so hard!)
  • You will need to invest at least an hour daily in learning. Consistently feeding your thinking mind is elemental for creating unparalleled results. Goodbye TV Shows. No More Movies. No more 2-min Reads. No more Videogames. You will need to read books – 52 books every year. One book each week!
  • You will need to surround yourself with positive people. Your clan needs to have similar goals as yours. Only a dream team can achieve results that can change the course of history. No more toxic people. Goodbye friends who choose to remain stagnant.
  • And most importantly – You will need to be focused. Not for a day. Not for a week. Not for a month. Every day for the rest of your life!

So, now we are left with two options –

Option 1. Strive for Greatness – Upgrade your inner being regularly. Invest in yourself daily to become the best version of yourself. Deliver Extraordinary results. Be happy in the process. Get your name listed in the history books. (There is no surety. You can easily fail.)

Option 2. Accept Mediocrity – Wake up at 10. Drag yourself to work. Perform average. Strive only not to become the worst employee in your organization. Check your phone whenever you want. Binge watch on the weekends. Eat a donut daily. Do tons of drugs. Stay hip and cool. Shop & Party. 

It’s so easy to pick the right choice. I hope you choose wisely. 

And, I think there’s a notification on your phone’s screen. Don’t forget to check it.